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Factory Price Hot Sale Top Patch Fitting

2018-05-21 15:03:18

1, the panel material can be customized: stainless steel 201/304
2, surface treatment can be customized: drawing / light
3, sandwich material: aluminum casting
4, the scope of application: 10-12mm thick glass


Glass door  patch fitting installation steps:
A. Remove the inside and outside trim cover of the door patch fitting.
B. Draw lines at suitable places in the glass according to the instructions and the actual object.
C. Make a hole in the glass.
D. Put on the inner and outer fixing plate, pay attention to keep the height of the limiting column consistent with the thickness of the glass, and tighten the screws of the outer fixing plate.
E. Tighten the inner fixing plate screw and adjust the position of the center shaft. Keep the center of the upper and lower shafts consistent.
F. Put on the inner and outer decorative covers and tighten the cover screws.

Glass door patch fitting product maintenance:
1, to prevent bumps in handling.
2, when cleaning, first use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove dust, then use a dry cloth dipped in a little antirust oil wipe, and finally dry with a dry cloth to keep dry
3. Apply a layer of polishing wax to the surface of stainless steel, and use regular rubbing and polishing to keep it fresh and prolong service life.