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Earth spring door clamp exception handling

2018-05-11 13:57:29

Earth spring door abnormal analysis

When the local spring opens or closes, it makes a very crisp sound?

1. Whether the floor spring, door clip (or center rocker arm)

   1) Whether the ground spring camshaft angle is correct (14° or 6°)

   2) Is the floor spring and door clip the same brand?

2. Check whether the adjustment screw and nut of the floor spring are locked

3. Check whether the center rocker and door clamp screws are locked

4. Check whether the ground spring camshaft is ground

5. Check whether the spring cement box is fixed

6. Check if there is foreign matter in the rocker arm

7. Whether the door axis is concentric with the ground axis

spring door

Earth Spring Door Abnormality Analysis II

Ordinary door clip breaks?

1. The weight and thickness of the door leaf exceeds the range that the door clip can withstand

2. The closing speed of the floor spring is too fast, the closing speed of the regulating valve is too fast, resulting in large pressure

3. Non-steel structure with fixed structure The hardware (upper pivot seat and upper shaft) connected with the door clip must be fixed firmly. It must be fixed on the steel structure, and flexible structures such as wood boards cannot be used.


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