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Door Control Hardware High Quality Floor Spring New Product Introduction

2018-05-04 14:37:02

Technical Information:
1. The main assembly parts, all CR-MO alloy steels are forged, tempered and quenched. After grinding, the parts are all immersed in high quality low temperature resistant hydraulic oil. It is normal to use from minus 40°C to 40°C.
2. Built-in pressure reducing valve enables the host to be protected against damage or oil leakage under strong external pressure or strong wind conditions.
3, accurate fixed-point performance, whether it is to the outside or inside the 0 ° can be positioned, when the door is opened to 90 °. Will be accurately positioned automatically.
4. Opening moment 40NM, closing moment 26NM, not less than 25NM at 5°.
5. After the product has been used 200,000 times, the product has been certified by the national technical supervision department, and its quality is stable and operating normally, which meets the QB/T2697-2005 technical standard.

Stainless steel panel
The floor spring cover is made of high-grade stainless steel, so it will not appear rust in the sun and rain, effectively guarantee the product's appearance and life, and guarantee the perfectness of the cover when leaving the factory. .

Axis position adjustable
The center of the spring has an adjustment screw, which adjusts forward and backward and left and right. Because the precision of the ground spring is very high, the axis spring can be adjusted to allow the ground spring to close the door with zero error, accuracy and prolong life.

The product associated with our ground spring is the door patch fittings: