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Choosing the Glass Door Spring

2018-07-01 09:39:34

We usually go into some office buildings, restaurants, shops and other places to push open the glass door, and we will find it takes a little effort in pushing the glass door. The key point is that a floor spring is installed under the glass door. Just start to introduce the ground spring from the following aspects:
One. The ground spring is a kind of door closing device. When the floor spring works, the device for pressing the spring is a worm wheel instead of a rack and pinion. Since the worm wheel can rotate in the forward and reverse directions, the ground spring application surface is wider than the door closer. The floor spring is suitable for two-way open doors, while the door closer can only be used for one-way open doors. But both are able to automatically return the glass door to its original closed state, so that when the door is closed, it will not allow the door to shake when it closes.
Second, the technical key of the ground spring is the bearing seat of the lower spindle, which determines the load-bearing level of the ground spring. Because the floor spring for bidirectional door opening is not like the door closer, the floor spring needs to carry the weight of the door body, so the weight of the door body plays a decisive role in the choice of the floor spring, of course, the door width and the wind pressure are on the ground. The choice of spring model is also very important.
Third, we will study it from the perspective of its production. The worm gear structure of the ground spring makes the compression degree of the spring smaller than that of the door closer rack and pinion, and the force arm of the ground spring closing the door is also short, so the floor spring The quality of the structure is also highly dependent on the structural design and processing accuracy. In addition, since the two-way door opening door has a large force against the ground spring along the door leaf plane, the service life of the low-grade floor spring and the high-grade floor spring is greatly different.
Fourth, let's explain the basic configuration of the ground spring: the sky axis and the ground axis (or the ground foot). The sun shaft of the glass door spring is an accessory that connects the door frame and the door leaf at the upper part, and is composed of a shaft and a sleeve fixed to the door leaf. The glass door spring shaft shaft can be applied to almost all wooden, steel, aluminum alloy doors and frameless glass doors using glass door clamps.