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Choose stainless steel door handle wholesale manufacturer

2018-06-30 10:41:53

The regular mirror and sand surface effect of the stainless steel handle surface is simple and generous. In the home decoration, the use of stainless steel handles is still more. Characteristics of stainless steel handles: Stainless steel handles with good strength, strong corrosion resistance, no radioactivity; Stainless steel handles with smooth and dense surface, good self-cleaning and easy to clean; Stainless steel handles are easy to maintain, if slight scratches, stainless steel handle with water Matte paper stained with toothpaste can be removed by wiping; stainless steel makes up for the iron rust, which has to be painted and maintained every other year.

The appearance of the stainless steel handle is beautiful: the stainless steel pattern is clear and smooth, the color is rich and varied, the shape is exquisite, the surface of the stainless steel handle is bright and smooth as jade, the quality of the sanding is noble and elegant; the variety of stainless steel handles is varied and the shape is varied, and the manufacturer of stainless steel handles can be sampled according to customers. Processing, design; easy to install, stainless steel handle with seamless connection process, good safety, reasonable design, combined installation, construction is simple and fast.