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Buy stair handrail should pay more attention to stair fittings quality.

2018-01-18 15:04:53

Often will hear the client ask the price of the stair, ask after one money, but still be in doubt.
There's nothing wrong with paying attention to the price of the stairs, but it's not easy to find inexpensive stainless-steel stair rails, especially those that are too idealized.
There is an old saying in China that "a penny a penny" is a good set of stairs, and the price will be higher accordingly.

Most people will choose "only right, not expensive" as the starting point for choosing stainless steel staircases.
On the stair of choose and buy, need to consider stair price, but stair price is not the decision factor that buys a stair, a set of good stair is a bright spot of a home decoration, let a person is pleasing to the eye.

Stainless steel stair handrail fittings is good or bad, directly affect the quality of whole stair.
Choose stair carefully, want to start with identifying accessories.
For example, the stainless steel column, in the material, 304 and 201 can not be resolved by the naked eye, it needs the professional potion to detect;
Whether the thickness of the glass pendant, handrails surface tube surface treatment, glass is strong, etc. Are we should pay attention to, the stairs every aspect of knowledge, to do their homework, increase bargaining chip!

The easiest way to buy a good set of stair accessories is to identify the brand.
The stair of the brand whether be in the material of choice material or make, each step is specified requirement, so the stair that makes is guaranteed in quality absolutely.
Let the stairs add a warm color to your home.