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Broad Ocean Hardware teaches you:How to maintain the railing handrail bracket?

2018-04-04 11:40:49

Nowadays, the application of balustrade  stainless steel handrail bracket is more and more extensive, and the application scenarios are also increasing. There are many kinds of railing and handrail brackets, including stainless steel, solid wood, wrought iron, and plastic. The armrests of various materials combined with special design shapes create different effects. The same is very beautiful and practical. However, the beauty of the United States needs good maintenance to continue its beauty and lasting forever.


Handrail bracket
Handrail bracket
handrail mounting brackets
handrail mounting brackets


Maintenance stainless steel railing handrail bracket method

The first thing to pay attention to is the maintenance of the railing and handrail bracket. It is not possible to hit the climbing rail. The railing installed on the side of the stairs has a certain protective effect, but it does not necessarily withstand climbing or impact. These actions may result in damage to the railing and handrail brackets, and even the need for protection cannot protect them and cause personal injury.

If it is an handrail bracket composed of a stainless steel column and a beam, the surface of the railing should be wiped for a period of time to keep the railing armrest bracket clean and tidy. If some rust occurs, it can be wiped off with a rag. After rinsing it off, apply anti-rust oil, especially at the intersection of the stainless steel column and the handrail support beam. This kind of detail is where rust is most likely to occur. , must do a good job of anti-rust work.

Although the solid wood balustrade handrail bracket will not be plagued by rust, if the dust is too much, the original noble decoration will reduce many levels. For this kind of solid wood armrest brackets must be cleaned frequently, rub more, to ensure its original appearance is perfect.

Outdoors, wrought iron railings are more difficult to maintain than handrails used indoors. The outdoor wind is large and the dust is also large. Fortunately, it does not have the problem of rust. In addition to the darker color, it can be cleaned and cleaned occasionally.


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