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Broad Ocean Hardware new zero loose glass door handle

2018-06-05 10:49:38

  Do not know whether you will notice when shopping, there are many storefront glass door handle are loose, this not only makes the customer offensive, but also need to worry about security issues. Maybe a lot of bosses are complaining that the handles bought are expensive, but they are quickly loosening. Don't worry, then the author introduces a really high quality glass door handle!

glass door handle

  Usually the glass door handle will appear loose phenomenon, some people will ask why we have only unilateral loose, it is because your handle using ordinary single-tooth connection, one-sided connection is reinforced with a small screw, so this loose handle The rate is high. Our DH-SF1 pull handles use a high level of mechanical mechanics to make them seamless, so the looseness is basically zero.
glass door handle

Not only that, the DH-SF1's accessories are also very beautiful. The key blade is made of precision-cast stainless steel 304. Its thickness is 8mm and it is absolutely strong! In addition dental foot 3mm, tube thickness 1.0mm, quality guaranteed! You can also customize the size and thickness of your accessories according to your needs.

DH-SF1 has high security and quality assurance. Applicable to heavy duty doors, security doors, fire doors, ice storage doors and other high frequency doors, feel right to come and order it!