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Bathroom glass door selection skills

2018-04-16 15:48:32

Bathroom glass door selection skills
In fact, the glass door is a relatively special door. (durable glass swing patch fittings
) Unlike many doors that you have seen before.
Here's a summary of some of the options for bathroom glass doors:
1, listen, you can try to knock a glass by hand, the sound of tempered glass is relatively crisp, other materials are relatively dull. The
2, look, high-quality tempered glass into a carefully observed will have a faint visible texture. The
3, think, this point is to carefully choose, can not just want to buy cheaper products.
Then, in the glass accessories purchase, stainless steel patch fittings is your best choice, (L shape glass door patch fittings) small accessories play an important role in determining the quality. Good spring folding self-loading hinged door. Make sure the consumer can open it completely easily. I hope you can help with the installation of glass doors.