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Background Art of Glass Door Corner patch fittings

2018-04-19 11:58:49

Background Art of Glass Door Corner patch fittings 
It is known in the art to provide a glass door equipped with a glass door clip fitting that allows the glass door to be mounted to a wall, in particular to a glass wall. However, conventional glass door clip fittings only have two fixed pivot points to which the pivot can be mounted. The two fixed pivot points have a specific distance from the outer edge of the glass door clip fitting, which is usually mounted close to the wall. Therefore, only two different distances between the glass door and the wall can be achieved. This provides the installer with very little flexibility when aligning the glass door clip fitting with the pivot of the glass door. ( L shape glass door patch fittings)
Technical implementation elements:
An object based on the present invention is to provide a glass door clip accessory that allows a simple and cost-effective manufacturing and assembly process and provides increased flexibility when the glass door clip fitting is pivotally aligned with the glass door.
The solution of this object is achieved by the features of the independent claims. The dependent claims contain advantageous embodiments of the invention. ( patch fittings with Bottom Inserts)
Therefore, this object is solved by a glass door clamp assembly comprising a first carrier plate and a second carrier plate. In addition, the glass door clip attachment includes an insert.