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2018 Handrail bracket, Door Control Accessories Industry Product innovation is king

2018-04-19 15:27:56

2018 Handrail Accessories, Door Control Accessories Industry Product innovation is king, meet the three elements of quality, research and development, and experience

  The market of handrail accessories and door accessories continues to grow. More and more consumers are paying attention not only to product price, quality, and after-sales service, but also to armrests, glass clips, floor springs, etc. Products, more concerned about the brand's popularity and business reputation. If the company still stays in the business philosophy of the seller's market in the past, it will certainly be in a disadvantageous position in the market competition, and even be knocked out mercilessly by the market. Handrail accessories and gated accessories industries have entered the age of brand marketing.


       Improve brand concept and compete in high-end market

       China has become the global leader in the consumer market of armrest fittings and gated accessories. The performance and quality of many domestic armrest fittings and gated fittings brands have reached or even surpassed that of foreign brands. However, foreign armrest fittings and gated fittings brands use strong financial strength and The high brand awareness has almost monopolized the high-end handrail accessories and gated accessories market in China. In addition to historical reasons, the lack of brand awareness among domestic companies is an important reason for this situation.

      Many corporate executives said that "low-end prices, high-end quality" is their current business philosophy. Some armrest accessories and glass clip gated accessories companies make full use of promotional measures to attract consumers' desire to purchase. Thus, starting from the second quarter of this year, the handrail accessories, gated accessories industry, a big price war, was intensified, even a rare low price of 499 yuan. This price is obviously lower than the manufacturing cost, but the brand is not only equal to the number of sales.

       There are some misunderstandings in the armrest bracket armrest fittings, gated fittings industry: equate the company with the brand. In fact, the price of a product price comment card is a spiritual property that can be independent of the factory. It can belong to you and it can also belong to others. Many companies mistakenly believe that with good products, big factories have big brands, put most resources into specific things, and are not willing to invest in brand marketing.
      Finding Accurate Marketing

      Brand is an effective tool for enterprise competition, and also a tool and carrier for realizing enterprise value. It is not dispensable, but a necessary choice. Positioning is the most important issue for brand operation, and it is also a strategic issue for the future development of the company. The facts show that there has never been a size-taking enterprise and no all-encompassing brand. In the era of proliferation of information and proliferation of products, only brands with accurate positioning can be recognized and selected by consumers.

       Through the study of international brands, and with reference to the current market structure, the future development of China's handrail accessories, door control accessories industry will appear several trends: First, there will be a few "comprehensive handrail accessories, door control accessories brand "Second, there will be a "professional brand," and third, there will be "personalized handrail accessories, door control accessories brand."


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