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45 degree elbow pipe elbow

2018-04-03 11:38:19

 45 degree elbow
45 degree elbow
pipe elbow
pipe elbow
45 degree elbow  pipe elbow
45 degree elbow pipe elbow

 45 degree elbow polishing introduction
1, 45-degree elbow grinding elbow when the use of 80-segment wheel, the black is more easy to use, apprentices recommend the use of red, must be slow, can not use pressure, try to put the grinding machine polished.
2. All of them have been rubbed before they start to re-grind the once-for-320 vane wheel. The 320-mesh wheel must be polished very carefully, otherwise it will leave 80-mesh wheel scratches.
3.320-mesh blinds have been polished, the elbows are waxed and the newcomers are better.
4. Then continue grinding with the hemp wheel. At this time, press the grinding force harder. The harder the better.
5. Remember to clean the wax after you finish using a dust mite.
Precautions: Be careful not to be too rushed when grinding, be careful not to grind the wire
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