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attach railing to post

Metal:Stainless Steel 304/316
Appilcation:glass pool fencing and balustrading
attach railing to post Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Products Details

This is the description of attach railing to post
stainless steel Railing post 
Product Details 
BROAD OCEAN  Products:
Product Name: stainless steel stair railing post
Material: High-quality Stainless Steel 
Polished into SSS/PSS/PVD
Application: Suitable for glass fencing, handrail staircase or glass railing
Feature: Made by stainless steel 201/304/316,Wood,Crystal
Balustrade Height:850,870,950,1050,1200mm or as your requirements
Side Steel Thickness:6,8,10,12mm
Clamp toughened glass with 8~12mm thickness
With top round or flat saddle
With square or round plate and cover
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen

10 Piece/Pieces


1.Each type of product is packed in separate inner boxes. 

2.Each outer box will be properly closed and packed to eliminate damages and theft during transportation.
Delivery Time: 10~20 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

1.We can change the design as client’s requirements.

2.OEM&ODM is welcome.
3.All our products are high quality and easy to handle, clients can install themself.We purse a simple and fashional life which you can see in pur product


Material: 304/316 stainless steel.
Surface treatment: sublight/mirror light.
Product specification: the height of the rail is 930mm, with the armrest tube of 50.8mm, and the stainless steel rod of 10mm is worn, and the glass thickness is 1217.5mm.
Product use: used for stair protection, curtain wall protection, bridge guardrail, landscape guardrail and other places.

1. The product has simple appearance, strong corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
2. The product has a good metallic luster and easy to clean and maintain.

stainless steel Railing post

Railing Post

stainless steel Railing post

stainless steel Railing post

stainless steel Railing post

stainless steel Railing post

hardware veneer sheet pillar body generally choose 6-15 mm thick, double plate railing post is generally selected main plank of 4 to 8 mm thick, the thickness of the tube railing posts generally choose 0.8 3 mm thick, ze letter of conventional plate railing post specifications for 850 mm (high) * 60 mm (wide) or 1050 mm (high) * 60 mm (width), tube railing post is commonly 50 * 50 square tube railing post or phi 51 tubular railing post, coupled with the glass gripper or intubation and other accessories.

Stair stainless steel railing post is the most important component that connects air and armrest.
The product introduction: stair stainless steel railing post variety 1000 qi-100 sample, material also divides into wood, iron, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and so on.

Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Polishing Machine No Information 32 4.0 Acceptable
Hydraulic Press 10T 3 4.0 Acceptable
Punching Machine No Information 1 6.0 Acceptable
Sawing Machine SHENDIAO & GZ4232 1 1.5 Acceptable
Manual Lathe Cd6132 1 6.0 Acceptable
CNC Lathe E-CA6140, 6140A1750 3 6.0 Acceptable
Milling Machine X3112 1 6.0 Acceptable
Drilling Machine SWJ-16, S4020, SWJ-14 6 6.0 Acceptable

stainless steel Railing post

stainless steel Railing post

Broad Ocean Hardware is specialized in producing stainless steel railing post attach railing to post.
First choice for stainless steel pillar belongs to building materials, is an important part of the building materials industry, second stainless steel post it in public places is a adornment, the stand or fall of craft is it related to the layout of the architectural decoration, so customers for products there is a stainless steel railing post;


The company registered capital abundant, 20000 square meters production processing plant 100 advanced production stainless steel railing post equipment, the collection of more than 50 senior engineers.
welcome to the sample customization, undertake all kinds of stainless steel railing post project.


How about your delivery time ? glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp
15-20 days for Pipe. 25-30 days for handrail fittings .

How do you ship the goods to us?
We have the forwarder cooperated with us for 2 years, they can deliver the goods to you in very short time with competitive price,and you can ship by your own agent as your convinence.


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