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Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings

Model Number: DL-036 
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum alloy 
Finish: Satin,Polish or Titanium 
glass sliding door fittings Usage: Glass door

Products Details

This is the description of Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings
Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings
The spring is compressed during the right shift of the plunger, and the hydraulic oil in the right cavity is also compressed.
The one-way valve ball on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right cavity flows through the one-way valve to the left cavity.Surface treatment: mirror light, brushed, titanium available for selection or custom color.
Product specification: with different specifications, clip head, upper clip, curved clip, Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings,the axis can be used with each country spring.
More details of the Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings:




Aluminum alloy

Cover plate

Stainless steel 201# or 304#


Satin,Polish or Titanium

Glass thickness



  According to customer need


Free of charge



Payment Term

30% deposit by T/T,all balance before delivery


PE bag and box.The packages can also be made according to the

quantity of the products or the requirements of our clients.


Professional Glass Door Lock patch fittings Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Polishing Machine No Information 32 4.0 Acceptable
Hydraulic Press 10T 3 4.0 Acceptable
Punching Machine No Information 1 6.0 Acceptable
Sawing Machine SHENDIAO & GZ4232 1 1.5 Acceptable
Manual Lathe Cd6132 1 6.0 Acceptable
CNC Lathe E-CA6140, 6140A1750 3 6.0 Acceptable
Milling Machine X3112 1 6.0 Acceptable
Drilling Machine SWJ-16, S4020, SWJ-14 6 6.0 Acceptable

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Broad Ocean Hardware security advantages.

The company is the first to pass the ISO9001 quality system authentication, in the production process strictly carries on the self-inspection, the mutual inspection, the final inspection three way inspection, and completes the quality record to file for reference. 

Patch fittings
Patch fittings


Patch fittings
Patch fittings


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The company provides additional services to meet the needs of customers and provide customized products and new business.


Broad Ocean Hardware assured advantage.

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How do you ensure quality control?

we ensure the quality control by 2 steps: 1)after finish, our workers will check it one by one. 2)our package department will check before they pack.


Can you do the full set of handrails for us?

yes we can, our engineer will check your project drawings to make sure its accuracy for each different fittings and quantity.


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