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balcony handrail bracket

Number: HB-15 
Material: Stainless Steel, ss304/316 
balcony handrail  bracket Surface: Mirror/Satin 
Mounted: Wall 
Structure: Single-side Bracket

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This is the description of balcony handrail bracket
stainless steel  Handrail bracket
balcony handrail stainless steel l shaped bracket
balcony handrail stainless steel l shaped bracket


HB-15   Item NO.  
HB-15-0(flat) 0
HB-15-381 38.1
HB-15-424 42.4
HB-15-483 48.3
HB-15-508 50.8
HB-15-635 63.5

Stainless steel handrail balcony handrail bracket is rusty after several kinds of treatment.

After using the cleaning liquid, it is necessary to clean thoroughly with clean water, and be careful not to leave the surface of the stainless steel armrest with the liquid residue. Otherwise, it will cause rust again.
Also, cleaning the liquid will cause the hands to be rough or spotted.
It is necessary to wear rubber gloves when cleaning stainless steel rails.


For cleaning stainless steel handrail bracket, such as coarse grain cleaning agent, or the use of abrasive paper, although can remove pollution, but absolutely forbidden to use usually, because it will damage the surface of stainless steel, and the cause of rust attached iron powder.

Material of  stainless steel pipe fitting/stainless steel  handrail connector 304 (AISI304<V2A>) and 316(AISI316<V4A>) or zinc alloy


 Surface  satin finish or polished finish
 Suitable tube size

 0/38.1/42.5/48.3/50.8/63.5 mm

 package   plastic bag+cartons or as per customers' request
 MOQ   100 pcs
 Certificate   ISO9001
 Sample Lead Time   3-15days
 Delivery Time   25-40 days after sample confirmed and deposit received
 Payment Terms   30% deposit,and the balance before shipping
T/T,L/C,Western Union
 Delivery Method   by sea,by air or by express

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

Inspection method: observe, measure, hand lever, check product qualification certificate and material site acceptance record.

Qualified: metal stainless steel handrail bracket surface should be smooth, coated metal brightness of colour and lustre is consistent, uniform color of the lacquer that bake, surface spalling, scratches, and straight corner joint should be consistent with joint is close-grained, it bent corners coordinately is smooth, curved stainless steel handrail bracket arc is natural, no hard curved and Angle.
Metal railings, stainless steel handrail bracket connection of the welding seam color is consistent with the connector.

For the layman, the quality inspection of the stainless steel handrail is a problem that perplexing many users.
Here is how to check the quality of stainless steel handrails.

Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Polishing Machine No Information 32 4.0 Acceptable
Hydraulic Press 10T 3 4.0 Acceptable
Punching Machine No Information 1 6.0 Acceptable
Sawing Machine SHENDIAO & GZ4232 1 1.5 Acceptable
Manual Lathe Cd6132 1 6.0 Acceptable
CNC Lathe E-CA6140, 6140A1750 3 6.0 Acceptable
Milling Machine X3112 1 6.0 Acceptable
Drilling Machine SWJ-16, S4020, SWJ-14 6 6.0 Acceptable

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

stainless steel  Handrail bracket

We will use more affordable price and high quality products for your service!

  1. Ensure that all the main parts and accessories are treated with anti-rust;
  2. Ensure that the thickness and weight of stainless steel railings are relatively good in the same railings on the market;
  3. Guaranteed quality and lifelong maintenance.

 It takes time to develop a new mold.
The hardware mold about 30 working days, the rubber mold about 7 working days.


What is the material of regular stair fittings?
Stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy.There are two processes of spraying and anodizing.High - end application of stainless steel PVD plating process.



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