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shower door handle for glass door

Model Number: YX-3116 
Type: Door & Window Handles, Door handle 
Usage: Door, Glass door 
Material: Stainless Steel, Stainless steel 201# , 304# or 316# 
Finsh: Satin or Polish 
Diameter: 25 mm 
Center to center: 215 mm 
Length: 240 mm 
Sample: Free of charge 
QC pass: 100% inspection before delivery 
Payment Terms: TT 30% deposit, Balance before shipment

Products Details

This is the description of shower door handle for glass door
stainless steel Door handle 
Stainless steel cheap price shower door handle for glass door 





Stainless steel 201# , 304# or 316#


Satin or Polish

Type Door handle


Free of charge



Payment Term

30% deposit by T/T,all balance before delivery


PE bag and box.The packages can also be made according to the

quantity of the products or the requirements of our clients.

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stainless steel 201/304/316


Mirror Finish, Satin Finish



Payment Term

30% deposite by T/T,all balance before delivery


According to customer need




1)Available in multiple colors

2)Manufactured using premium quality raw material

3)Polished and smooth surface,no burr,no scratch

4)The tolerance controlled strictly in the range of customers

5)Corrosion resistance,longer service life


Suitable for inner and outer Aluminum or Stainless steel  window and door




PE bag and box.The packages can also be made according to the

quantity of the products or the requirements of our clients.

Our glass door handles are made of those materials shower door handle for glass door.
The material of cabinet door handle knob is common have single metal, alloy class, plastic kind, pottery and porcelain, glass, crystal, resin.
Special has pure silver, pure gold to make, these price natural general consumer is not suitable to use.
We have gold bronze handle common cabinet doors handle, zinc alloy door handle, door handles, aluminum alloy stainless steel, plastic, ceramic doorknob these, we all in the price of this several general consumer spending limits.

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

Stainless steel door handle features.

Stainless steel door handle with several properties:
1. Easy maintenance.
If the stainless steel door handle appears scratches, just use water to grind sandpaper with a little bit of toothpaste can make it new;
2. High intensity.
Stainless steel door handle is hard, corrosion resistance is also good;
3. Good appearance.
The stainless steel door handle has the mirror reflection effect, the color is rich and varied, the figure decoration is also very clear and generous;
4. Easy to install.
The stainless steel door handle USES the technology of the seamless connection, so the consumer can install on its own, time consuming less, construction is convenient.

Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Polishing Machine No Information 32 4.0 Acceptable
Hydraulic Press 10T 3 4.0 Acceptable
Punching Machine No Information 1 6.0 Acceptable
Sawing Machine SHENDIAO & GZ4232 1 1.5 Acceptable
Manual Lathe Cd6132 1 6.0 Acceptable
CNC Lathe E-CA6140, 6140A1750 3 6.0 Acceptable
Milling Machine X3112 1 6.0 Acceptable
Drilling Machine SWJ-16, S4020, SWJ-14 6 6.0 Acceptable

stainless steel Door handle

stainless steel Door handle

Q1.Where is your factory?       

We have two factories. One is for handrail fittings in Foshan City,another is for ss pipes in Chaozhou City.


Q2.What material do you have?       



Q3.Can you provide sample for us?        

Yes, free sample is available


Q4. How do you ensure quality control? 

we ensure the quality control by 2 steps: 1)after finish, our workers will check it one by one. 2)our package department will check before they pack.


Q5.How do you ship the goods to us?

We have the forwarder cooperated with us for 2 years, they can deliver the goods to you in very short time with competitive price,and you can ship by your own agent as your convinence.


Q6.Which country is your main market now?

Mid-East, North Africa, West Africa, South-east Asia, South America and Northern Europe district. Especially, a firm customer base in Saudi, Morocco, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, and Russia etc.


Q7. Can you do the full set of handrails for us?
yes we can, our engineer will check your project drawings to make sure its accuracy for each different fittings and quantity.


Q8. How about your delivery time ? glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp glass clamp 
15-20 days for Pipe. 25-30 days for handrail fittings . about your payment terms?


Could you please give us the bulk price for the follow-up quantity?
Hello, if the subsequent batch increase, our company will give you the bulk discount price.

Could you please provide the electronic catalogue or the 3d drawing of the product?
Hello, our company is trying to perfect the 3D drawing file, and can be downloaded from the company's official website. Now please find the responsible salesman.


We are excellent Chinese manufacturers. Our products, such as shower door handle for glass door,Door handle,Door handle, are of excellent quality and affordable. Looking forward to your inquiry。