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Products use fully automated technology more efficient, more durable, time-saving and convenient.


Product energy consumption is lower, but also to maintain the product benchmarking quality.


Product technology standards have become the industry, especially high-tech industry, the commanding heights.


Has received a lot of industry attention to the important qualifications and recognition.

Recent News

bathroom glass

The choice of bathroom glass clip

Due to family use frequently between wei yu, sanitary hardware fittings must be able to withstand high temperatures, high humidity and other "stress test", so, the choose and buy of wei yu hardware fittings will directly affect our lives.

Stainless steel Railing

Stainless steel Railing post material and installation method

What is a Railing post? It may be that people rarely hear the term, but we can often see it in homes, businesses and other construction sites. Staircase pillars are support columns that bridge the stairs and handrails, and play a very important role in the modern staircase guardrail. Railing posts were first introduced to Europe from Europe and are a trendy and stylish stair railing product.

Indoor stair railing handrail bracket and handrail fixing brackets

Handrails are available in a variety of styles and specifications and can also be customized according to requirements.Indoor stair railing handrail bracket and handrail fixing brackets

Stainless steel elbow pipe will rust?

Stainless steel elbow pipe is required to use the environment, and it needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dust and keep it clean and dry.


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